Barefoot Lakes

From incredible new affordable homes to
luxury homes without comparison.

Take a Step Ahead. Nature’s never-ending story promises that you will never take the same journey twice. It finds new ways to surprise, mesmerize, and encourage adventure. You’ll discover that discovering goes further with every step you take.

The unspoken rule here is that nature should always be appreciated and open to all who respect the great outdoors. This masterfully-planned community in Firestone, Colorado is where you explore, discover, and explore some more. And there’s plenty to discover with trails, wide open spaces, two lakes and unique park settings to catch Colorado’s poetic sunsets over the Foothills.

Consider this your open invitation from nature.

Discover our new community and our new homes from the mid $300s to high $700s.


We are very proud of the company we keep – Native and New.

We were clear from the beginning. It’s time to go beyond the expected. Well beyond.

We wanted to design, plan and deliver an authentic, environmentally honoring experience for all residents – native and new. We dedicated a robust team of experts to explore stewardship, wellness, inclusiveness and distinctiveness. We call it “a step ahead” in community design.

We welcome your visit, your time on our trails and your step inside some of the most innovative and well-designed homes available. We’ve invited only the nation’s finest homebuilders to be our partners.

Barefoot Lakes - Developed by Brookfield Residential

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What’s Going On?

We have a handful of organized events happening regularly here, but nature itself is never-ending on your calendar. Just walk along a trail to enjoy all the surprises happening within your surroundings.

Your journey is what you make of it.

Your next one begins here at Barefoot Lakes.

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